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Give Concrete Pump on Rent

Dear ,
Its seems that you have not yet Registered any Equipment. In order to give your Concrete Pump on Rent or Sell it, you first need to get it registered.

Once you Register your Equipment, you can list it for giving it on Rent or Selling. After you provide the details of Monthly Rent/Selling Price and other basic details, that specific listing will be queued for Approval.

Our Techno-Commercial Team will analyze your details and the validity of all the details therein. If found acceptable as per OnlyConcretePump.com’s Policy, we will put it Live and the same will be informed to you via automated mail. You need not do anything till that or even after you receive that mail, unless you want to get it de-listed or modify any of the details provided.

Once you modify any of the details therein, it will again follow the cycle of Approval from Techno-Commercial Expert.

Note: Since we are very strict about correctness of Information available throughout OnlyConcretePump.com, it takes time for us to Refer to every listing for Analysis. Once you submit your Listing related details, it is not a commitment or agreement from OnlyConcretePump.com to display your Listing on Live Site. The information found false or fraudulent will be blocked and removed without prior intimation to the user.